Vietnam visa code


Vietnam Visa Approval code is a document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department and used for stamping Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy in the country you are living.

There are two ways you can get Vietnam Visa approval code:

Firstly, you can apply Vietnam Visa directly at the Vietnam embassy or Consulates in the country you are living or staying in. The stamping fees for getting the visa code do vary depending upon the country (normally, upward $50/pax).

Secondly, by using our service, you can get your Vietnam visa entry conveniently. We will help you to apply visa code through the Vietnam Immigration Office then, they will send your visa approval code directly to The Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in the country you are living or staying in where you just bring your passport to receive the visa to entry to Vietnam (You should go to the Embassy after receiving our approval code from us 2 days later because Vietnam Embassy/Consulate needs time to check your information with the Vietnam Immigration Department). The service fee will be online paid us to progress the approval code. The stamping fee will be paid at the Embassy directly to get your stamp! This fee will be different in each country.

To avoid time – consume and inconvenience, if you travel by air, you should apply for Visa on arrival that can allow you to get the visa stamped straight away at the Vietnam airports!